Claudia Wührl

Portrait of an artist

Spirituality – Society – Women – Environment 

Claudia Wührl’s artistic work in recent years has focused in particular on societal and social issues, especially feminist and ecological issues, and on the connection between these subject areas. Her focus is on carrying on the tradition of the close interweaving and mutual inspiration of art and religion and transforming it into the 21st century, with the main focus of her interest being on society, women and femininity, and the environment. Her “Wirkbilder”, their material, composition and subject matter, communicate with the space: they complement, break, reflect it, but also bring the empty space as well as existing public spaces, especially sacred spaces, into vibration (see below selection from various exhibitions in church spaces).

* 1964 Berchtesgaden

Artist and art therapist


Claudia Wührl – Current exhibition

Main ART

Kunst und Kultur 

14. – 16.6.2024


Claudia Wührl – Current exhibition

Basel – Grenzach – Whylen

Art fair

12. – 16. 06.2024


Claudia Wührl – Coming soon

Gallery Kunsthaus Michel, Würzburg

Art fair

12.09. – 02.10.2024



Claudia Wührl – Coming soon

Sulzburg-Lauffener Studio days

St. Cyriak

06. – 07.10.2024



Claudia Wührl – Coming soon

Cultural Autumn Würzburg – Meet the Artist

Studio show





Claudia Wührl – Planned

Lübeck | Nürnberg | Wien | Manchester

More information will follow